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Feeling the earth beneath your bare feet and the wind in your face while, little by little, the basket gets filled with wild herbs and curious mushroom creatures. Coming home to the crackling fire and into the fast internet. Wilderness and culture - a life that seeks balance between the new and the old, between progress and nativeness.

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Nadine 08.01.2021

Wilde Pflanzen und Pilze im Winter sammeln

Im Winter ist jedes bisschen frische Ernte willkommen. Hier ist ein kleiner Überblick über das, was wir von Dezember bis Februar finden...

Nadine 13.12.2020

Wilder Kaffee

Normaler Kaffee reist weit um die Welt, bevor er in unseren Tassen landet. Nun müssen wir ihn nicht gleich komplett verbannen, denn auch fairer globaler Handel kann eine gute Sache sein. Wer seinen Konsum aber reduzieren möchte oder einfach was Neues probieren, für den gibt es gleich mehrere Alternativen aus Wald und Wiese.

Nadine 23.09.2020

Recipe: Wild fruit cake (vegan)

Fruit cake is exactly the way I like the food I bake: simple and flexible in terms of ingredients. Fruit, nuts and seeds in some sweet cake / bread - that is fall to me. It is also very moist and wild and vegan.

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Products for foragers that encourage everyday use of wild plants and mushrooms.

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Enamel mug »Wild Coffee«

This enamel mug is made for all the lovers of (wild) coffee. On the mug in dark brown you find illustrations of various wild plants that make for fabulous "coffee" alternatives.

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Enamel mug »wild coffee«

NEW EDITION: this enamel mug is dedicated to wild »coffee«. On the mug in classic white with a black rim you find four different wild plants for a wild coffee replacement.

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Forager pouch

This forager pouch is designed for everyone who wants more order in their basket or to be prepared for wild finds on the go.

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