Wilde Kultur

Inspiration, Wissen und Produkte für wilde Sammler

Wilde Kultur Academy

We are currently working on basic courses that will introduce the kingdoms of wild plants an mush mushrooms in a unique way. An important of these courses is: sharpen the senses. How do I recognize features? How do I recognize similarities and essential differences? What uses are there and what dangers?

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What makes our online courses so special?

A heart for beginners

We know how difficult it is to find your way around these huge topics, especially at the beginning. Where to start – where to stop? Our basic courses are made for everyone who starts without prior knowledge or who finally wants to put all the little bits of knowledge together and get confidence.

Variety of methods

Learning and understanding with all your senses. Diverse approaches and materials: scripts, videos, exercises, experiments ...

Non-linear learning

You don't even go through our lessons from the first to the last and you're done. Abbreviations, digressions and long-term experiments will be part of your experience in our courses ...


The primary goal of our online courses is to convey security - but it doesn't get too dry!